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Dealer Fraud: Beware of No Haggle Dealers

Some dealers advertise and promote themselves as "No Haggle" dealers. Meaning the best price is the list price, and there is no haggling or negotiating. This may sound good in concept. It may even give a false impression that the dealer is such a good guy that he's giving his best price right from the beginning. But, in truth, it often is a red flag for Dealer Fraud.

Dealer Fraud: Certified Scams

If you read this blog in the past you probably recall that I believe all Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) programs are scams. Consumer Reports recently ran an article on certified car programs. The ultimate opinion of the writer was that CPO vehicles are not worth the added expense.


In a recent case I uncovered training materials in which a major finance company admitted they used contacts with a debtor's family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to leverage payments. These are called Third-Party Contacts (TPCs) under the law. They are one of the stocks and trades of Debt Collector Abuse.

Dealer Fraud: Repair Invoices Versus Repair Orders

It is important to know about the difference between Repair Invoices and Repair Orders (ROs) and the service process generally. Dishonest dealers often try to get away with only disclosing Repair Invoices, because they have been sanitized and are missing much available information. This is just one of the ways dealers try to hide Dealer Fraud.

Dealer Fraud: Crooked Games Dealers Play

Dealer fraud comes in many varieties. I'm pursuing several case regarding promotional contest mailers that dealers send out to past and prospective customers. Often the mailers promise and assortment of prizes, including large sums of money, MP3 players, and flat-screen TVs.

Dealer Fraud: Dealer Fails to Transfer Title

Dealer fraud comes in many varieties. I get calls frequently from distressed buyers who bought a vehicle, but the dealer fails or refuses to transfer the Title and/or registration. If the temporary tags and registration expire, this can lead to impoundment. No matter what happens, the bank often will insist on continued payments.

Have you been the victim of illegal debt collection practices?

A Jan. 18, 2015 article on The Motley Fool, revealed that the average U.S household is carrying roughly $97,360 in debt. Debts associated with student, car and home loans in addition to credit card and medical expenses are crippling many Americans who struggle each month to pay down these debts while still affording basic necessities other everyday expenses.

Fighting Delaware Title Loans

Pennsylvania is finally cracking down on unfair, unlawful Title loans. I get calls about these often high-interest loans very often. Interest on these loans often runs in excess of 100%. This far exceeds the lawfully allowable rate, and amounts to a usury violation.

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