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Attorney William Bensley of Bensley Law Offices has served consumers throughout Pennsylvania for more than 15 years. He has battled the largest banks, corporations, health systems, pharmaceutical companies and car dealers, obtaining multiple million dollar settlements and verdicts on behalf of his clients. This experience equips him to seek the full amount of compensation, digging to the core of the fraud committed against his clients and holding these bad companies accountable.

He is a member of the National Consumer Law Center, National Association of Consumer Advocates, The Public Justice Foundation, American Association for Justice, Pennsylvania Bar Association, Philadelphia Bar Association and Hispanic Bar Association.

Mr. Bensley routinely speaks to organizations and the community on consumer law related subjects. To learn more about his experience, education and accomplishments as a lawyer, please reference the link below:

To schedule a consultation with Mr. Bensley to discuss your case, please contact the firm by calling 267-838-9654 or toll free at 800-254-3497.

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Searching for persons with information or complaints about a number of banks, dealerships, repossession agents and debt collectors
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