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Dealer Fraud: Itemizing Charges and Fees

Under Pennsylvania law, dealers must clearly itemize all charges and fees on the finance agreement. Dirty dealers often do not follow this law, because it enables them to inflate the charges and fees or to sneak in prohibited charges or fees. This is another telling sign of a dishonest dealer and Dealer Fraud.

Unlawful Repossessions: Holding the Vehicle Hostage

I see this scenario fairly frequently. Whatever the reason that the repossession was unlawful, the repossession company will not release the vehicle to the consumer, unless the consumer pays its fees and/or signs a Release. This happens even where the bank has instructed the repossession company to release the vehicle to the consumer. Unlawful repossessions are sticky this way.

Understanding when to take legal action against a debt collector

There is no question that carrying a debt you are unable to pay is stressful. It often weighs heavily on those who find themselves in this situation and can make each day difficult to navigate. When, in an effort to collect what is owed, debt collectors engage in behavior that is illegal, it can make things even harder for the person who is behind in payments. While it is fair to say that no debtors likely welcome collection efforts from debt collectors, it is particularly true when the activities engaged in to try to get the money owed, are against the law.

Dealer Fraud: Computer Based Contracts

I have been hearing reports from consumers and consumer protection attorney colleagues that some dealers and finance companies are moving to computer based contracts. The consumer is shown the contract on a computer screen and signs on the computer screen. This facilitates Dealer Fraud, because it both deters and makes meaningful review and consideration harder.

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