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Wrongful or unlawful repossessions often arise out of Yo Yo sales. Yo Yo sales are when after a consumer signs the finance purchase agreement the dealer tries to dishonor it or get a consumer to sign a different finance agreement.

Once the consumer signed the finance agreement, then the deal is written in stone. The dealer cannot force the consumer to return the vehicle, to renegogiate or change the terms.

Of course, if the consumer has supplied any false or unverifiable information, for instance employment or income information, of failed to provide required documentation, like pay stubbs or utility bills, then the equation may change somewhat.

Be aware, however, that clever dealers may falsely claim that you provided false or unverifiable information, when you haven’t.

If the consumer refuses to return the vehicle or renegotiate or sign a new finance agreement the dealer often will threaten to call the police and report the vehicle stolen, or threaten to repossess or repossess.

The dealer may try to trick you into returning the vehicle. You may get an innocent sounding call to return to the dealer to sign a few more documents, or for a free oil change, or the like. When you arrive the dealer blocks the vehicle in or uses another key to take or move it.

If you receive a call from the dealer that you need to sign anything else insist that they fax it to you first and then contact a lawyer.

If you receive a call from a dealer that financing fell through and you need to return the vehicle, you should contact a qualified attorney right away.

You can read more about repossession — dealer dirty tricks and traps — on my Website. /Consumer-Protection/Car-Repossession.shtml

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