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New program could help prevent consumer fraud in Pennsylvania

There are many ways in which companies located throughout the nation could rip off consumers. Recognizing this is an issue in the state of Pennsylvania, the governor recently announced the creation of a program designed to protect consumers who reside here.

Bless Our Service People, Past and Present

Today, and every day, it is appropriate to give thanks to the men and women who have served this nation in the armed services. And to give thanks to their families as well. Their service and sacrifices are in many ways beyond our comprehension.

Unlawful Repossession: You Broke It , You Pay for It

You've probably heard of what I've heard called the Pottery Barn Rule: "You break it, you bought it." Something similar applies to repossessors and banks. If the repossessors damage the vehicle or any property during the taking of the vehicle, then they are liable for the damages. Such damage makes it an unlawful repossession.

Proposed laws would reign in debt collectors for federal agencies

In an earlier post we wrote that collection agencies must adhere to a strict code of rules. When they do not, they could find they are paying the debtor monetary damages. Readers may be surprised to learn however, that much of the time debt collectors hired by federal governmental agencies are not held to that same standard. As a result, people who are in collections for things as minor as unpaid speeding tickets might find they are being intimidated and harassed by debt collectors seeking to recoup the amount owed. 

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