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The rights that you have in a vehicle repossession case

People who are in danger of having their vehicles repossessed in Pennsylvania should understand the rights that they have. There are many things that repossessors are not allowed to do under the law, but they still may do them. If your vehicle has been wrongfully repossessed, you may have legal rights.

Consumer laws target deception, defects and errors

Buyer beware is a common piece of advice for people in Pennsylvania, but every business transaction depends on some level of trust among parties. To enforce this necessity, consumer laws create a framework for holding people and companies accountable for their actions in the marketplace. These laws seek to maintain standards of truthfulness, product quality and qualifications among professionals and tradespeople.

How to spot odometer rollback

You have your eye on a low-mileage used car that looks like a great deal. But is it really what they claim it is? The odometer reading has a lot to do with the value of a car, and it says a lot about the life it has had so far. It’s important to check out the story it is telling you.

Lemon laws make car sellers keep their promises

Pennsylvania drivers have probably heard the term "lemon law". These are statutes that protect consumers from costly repairs to cars that don't live up to the promises made about them by car dealers or manufacturers. Though the phrase 'let the buyer beware" always applies, especially when buying used cars, lemon laws make dealers responsible for paying for repairs on certain vehicles for a period of time after the customer has made the purchase.

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