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Triple damages possible after judge rules against debt collector

Technology makes it possible for you to read this Philadelphia consumer protection blog post from anywhere in the world. Technology also makes it possible for debt collectors to pursue alleged debts with a relentlessness that was previously impossible.

Delaware Title Loans: Good News and Bad News

I have good news and bad new to report in my new ongoing series regarding unlawful Title Loans. The good news is that we were able to help a victim recently and obtained a significant recovery for her and did so very quickly. She was more than grateful.

Debt collection nightmare begins with a cookie

Seven in the morning is a little early for most of us to hear a knock on the front door. Rich Snapp didn't know the person banging on his door on a Wednesday morning nearly a year ago, and the stranger certainly didn't come bearing glad tidings. Instead, Snapp was informed that he was being sued over a debt that was not even his.

Unlawful Employment Background Checks and Fair Credit Reporting

There is a major area of Fair Credit Reporting that most people do not associated with Credit Reporting at all. Many good people are denied employment unlawfully, because of a blemish on his/her criminal record. Usually they did not something immature, rash and stupid in their younger years. They are not the same person. They are good workers and would be a good employee.

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