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Dealer Fraud: Forgery

Most people know Forgery is a crime. Most people don't know that forgery cover more than just fake signatures. Dealers are known for forgery. It is part of their stock and trade.

Breaking the chain of debt collector harassment

One financial problem can set off a chain reaction of complications that can make a person miserable. The initial problem can be something as simple as a car in need of repairs. The owner then gets a payday loan cover an expected bill of $200. When the repairs are higher than expected, the car owner can be in a dilemma requiring them to take out an even bigger loan — unfortunately, a loan too big for them to pay off.

Dealer Fraud: Certified Procedural Scams

This will be the first in a series of blogs explaining the procedural aspects of Certified Pre-Owned programs. I have written about Certifications scams before. You all know it is my experience and opinion that all Certification programs are scams. They are long on promises of rigors and standards, but very short on oversight and accountability.

Car dealer fraud

For most Philadelphia residents, a car purchase is one of the largest transactions they will ever take part in. A lot of money is involved, and for many people, a vehicle is absolutely crucial to holding a job and performing essential household tasks. So it is important that the purchase be a sound one.

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