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The Telephone Consumer Protection Act Is Supposed To Stop Harassing Calls

Under Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), nearly all automated calls to cellphones are prohibited. The exception, however, would be if the individual gave the company the cellphone number, implying consent to receive the calls. Consent is difficult for a company to prove, but many proceed anyway, calling consumers on a regular basis.

Many collection agencies have started using this tactic to harass consumers. Collectors often claim that the individual gave express consent by providing his or her number on the credit application, and that he or she cannot reverse that consent. This can leave the person susceptible to an outrageous number of automated calls that can result in overage charges on the cellphone.

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TCPA Violations — Putting An End To The Phone Calls

Recent court rulings on been in favor of consumers. These robocalls in high volumes were found to be unlawful harassment.

If you are suffering from this harassment and too many robocall or automated recordings, you may have legal steps to stop the calls. At Bensley Law Offices, help consumers who are living with the stress and intimidation of robocalls. We will thoroughly investigate the circumstances under which the companies obtained your number and hold them accountable for the inappropriate contact.

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