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Debt Collection/Bank Fraud and Abuse: Wells Fargo Not Alone Opening Fake Accounts

As predicted right here, it has been reported that Wells Fargo was not alone in creating fake accounts. USA Today reported on June 14, 2018 that other banks were found to have created fake accounts as well. This can be a source of unlawful debt collection, bank fraud and abuse and fair (unfair) credit reporting.

Mercedes must pay over $400,000 in Lemon Law case

When people in Pennsylvania and around the country buy new cars, they have legal protections if the vehicle is defective. The federal government and the states have lemon laws, which provide protection for customers who have purchased defective vehicles that continue to fail despite multiple repairs within the warranty period. In one recent Wisconsin case, auto manufacturer Mercedes-Benz was ordered to pay over $400,000 to a woman after it refused to refund her when she made a claim under the Lemon Law.

Know your rights in case of auto repossession

People in Philadelphia may see auto repossession as one of their worst nightmares, leaving them without the car that is so critical to work, education or family life. Some people dealing with the threat of repossession may feel as if they have no rights at all to hold on to their vehicles. However, you do have rights, and legal support can help you to protect your rights in these cases, before your car is taken away.

How reliable are car history reports?

Buying a car is a big commitment. Even a used car can be a large investment so you want to make sure the car is in good condition. Used car reports like Carfax and AutoCheck are handy in determining previous accidents and the condition of used cars.

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