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Inaccuracies on credit report could impact job prospects

When it comes to credit, there are multiple reasons why it is important to make sure your score is good. In addition to making it possible to secure a loan to purchase a large asset, it could have other, collateral consequences as well. It is possible the information included in a consumer report could impact the ability of someone to secure a job.

Dealer Fraud: Forced Arbitration Clauses

Readers of this blog will remember that I've spoken on this subject several times. Many dirty dealers, dirty banks and dirty corporations slip Forced Arbitration Clauses (FACs) into the fine print of their contracts. Among other things, bad Court decisions have interpreted these FACs to mean that consumers have waived their constitutional right to file a claim in Court.  Dealer Fraud, Abusive Debt Collectors and Abusive Repossessors have no greater friend than Forced Arbitration.

Dealer Fraud: Don't Give Up

Dirty dealers operate from the belief that most, almost all, disgruntled customers will eventually just give up and go away. They think if they string things out long enough, leave you on hold for long enough, let enough phone calls go unreturned, break enough promises... you will eventually give up and go away. Dealers get away with Dealer Fraud, because too many people let them get away with Dealer Fraud.

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