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Dealer Fraud: Itemizing Charges and Fees

Under Pennsylvania law, dealers must clearly itemize all charges and fees on the finance agreement. Dirty dealers often do not follow this law, because it enables them to inflate the charges and fees or to sneak in prohibited charges or fees. This is another telling sign of a dishonest dealer and Dealer Fraud.

Dealer Fraud: Computer Based Contracts

I have been hearing reports from consumers and consumer protection attorney colleagues that some dealers and finance companies are moving to computer based contracts. The consumer is shown the contract on a computer screen and signs on the computer screen. This facilitates Dealer Fraud, because it both deters and makes meaningful review and consideration harder.

Dealer Fraud: Certified Vehicles and Safety Recalls

Believe it or not, dealers, and manufacturers, want to obtain an exception to common sense - and fraud and unfairness. Dealers and manufacturers want to be able to represent (misrepresent) vehicles as carefully inspected and certified, even though they know that critical safety recall work remains to be done. This type of Dealer Fraud must not be permitted to become law.

Dealer Fraud: Extended Warranties, Service Contracts & Pre-Paid Maintenance Agreements

Readers of this blog will remember that I have often stated that buying any "after-market" product at the place of sale is usually a mistake. The products are not worth it, and they can almost certainly be obtained cheaper from another source or over the Internet. Pushing and packing in the after-market products is a sign of a dirty dealer and Dealer Fraud.

Dealer Fraud: Car Sales at All Time High

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, "U.S. car sales hit an annual record, clearing a previous peak reached in 2000 as lower gas prices and interest rates spurred consumers to snap up vehicles from dealerships." As we all know, where there are car sales, there is Dealer Fraud.


This will be the first in a series touching on the widespread misuse by dealers of bogus AS IS disclaimers to get away with fraud. This form of Dealer Fraud is getting way out of hand.

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