What consumers can do about auto dealer fraud

In Pennsylvania and across the United States, victims of auto dealer fraud and misrepresentation can take action to protect their legal rights. Consumers can take three different steps: contacting the dealer in writing; filing a legal complaint with the appropriate state agency or district attorney's office; and seeking legal advice from a lawyer. The first thing to do when faced with car dealer fraud is to ask the dealer to correct the situation. Contacting the dealer before filing a legal claim is mandatory in many states.

A person can either contact the dealer directly or hire an attorney to act on their behalf. One stipulation is to put the query in writing. A letter of explanation should explain the exact misrepresentation and steps the dealer can take to solve the situation favorably. For instance, the consumer may have purchased a vehicle under pretenses. The dealer may not have disclosed important financial fees to the purchaser. In this scenario, a letter should explain that the consumer expects to receive reimbursement for fraudulent charges.

Another option is to file a written complaint with the appropriate state agency offering protection to consumers. Depending on the state, the department may have an association with the attorney general's office. Sometimes, states offer specific departments designed to take care of auto dealer complaints filed by consumers. Contacting the dealer and filing a complaint with the right state agency may occur with or without an attorney's help.

Consumers who take care of the first two options by themselves may wish to work with a Lemon Law attorney to make sure their rights are protected. Legal counsel could look at the details of each case and explain the options for resolving the problem. Difficult lawsuits may require legal counsel from a consumer protection attorney.

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