Dealer Fraud: Certification Offered as Option

As any reader of this blog surely knows, I believe that all of the Certified programs are out and out scams. There is no real oversight or accountability. Therefore, there can be no real standards or value. But the dealers and manufacturers make billions of dollars from these Certified scams.

A recent new case reminded me of a wrinkle that I have not previously blogged about.

All of the factory Certified programs prohibit dealers from offering Certification a la carte or as an option on any particular vehicle. A vehicle must be entered into the Certified program and approved and accepted into the program by the manufacturer, before it may be advertised or offered as Certified.

Dealers may not offer to Certify or to sell a vehicle as Certified as an option. This is true of the Certified warranty as well. The Certified warranty only applies to Certified vehicles.

Certified vehicle are required to be labeled on the window sticker and on the contract. And you know from prior blogs, that consumers are supposed to be given copies of the Certification Inspection Checklist or Report signed by the technician/mechanic, Service Manager and Used Car Manager.

Dirty dealers will offer to sell a vehicle as Certified to try to wrangle still more money out of a consumer.

Likewise, dirty dealer will offer to remove a Certified designation as an excuse to lower the asking price.

Sometimes dealers will contend post-sale that they removed the Certified designation to reduce the price, but really to avoid having to repair any problems.

If you have been the victim of Dealer Fraud, then you should contact a qualified mechanic immediately.

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