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Dealers may not have a customer’s best interests in mind

On Behalf of | May 17, 2021 | Dealer Fraud

When a Pennsylvania car buyer pulls into a car lot to purchase a vehicle, he or she is prepared for negotiations and lengthy discussions with a salesperson over price. Most potential customers think only about the asking price of a vehicle and how they can get the best deal. While money is a critical factor in any vehicle purchase, it is also prudent to remember that dealerships are concerned about their own bottom line above everything. This includes the customer’s best interests. 

Potential fraud

Fraud can happen at virtually any point of the sales process. In some cases, a dealership may attempt to sell a vehicle that is in poor condition. By masking problems, they can ask for higher prices, and a buyer may not realize there is an issue. This is a common issue when purchasing a used vehicle, but it can also happen with new vehicles as well. 

In other situations, fraud can happen during the financing past of the purchase process. Dealerships often take advantage of unsuspecting buyers who are only trying to get the best deal possible. They may intentionally mislead about the value of their trade, interest rates or the asking price of the vehicle. 

What can customers do? 

Pennsylvania car buyers have rights. If a buyer suspects he or she was the victim of fraud at any point in the purchasing process, he or she has the right to seek legal recourse. Through certain steps, it may be possible to hold dishonest car dealers responsible for deception, fraud and illegal treatment of customers.  


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