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Car dealerships to avoid

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2021 | Dealer Fraud

In Pennsylvania, there are no shortages of options if one is looking for a new or previously owned vehicle. Consumers want a good deal and a wide selection to choose from. They also want the assurance that a car dealer will not take advantage of them and rip them off 

Many car shoppers tend to trust community dealerships because they are often run by local business owners who rely on repeat customers. While community car dealerships can be trustworthy, they still have their disadvantagesFor example, customers may feel more at ease at one of these local lots and, therefore, be less diligent about scams. They may also not get the best prices at these “no-haggling” dealerships. 

Dealerships to beware of 

High pressure dealerships put the pressure on before a customer even gets to the showroom. Most dealerships fall under this category, and they may even use fraudulent marketing tactics, such as bait and switch, to get customers onto the lot. The name of the game is wearing down the consumer using any method necessary to make the deal. 

For those who fear a regular car dealer will not approve their credit rating, bad credit dealerships may seem like the answer. However, these dealers profit on loans with huge interest rates and selling unsuspecting customers add-ons they do not need. A consumer may get the monthly rate they can afford but likely ends up paying much more for the overall loan. A consumer must be alert and savvy to avoid becoming a victim of dealer fraud no matter where they shop. 


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