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How to get started when removing an error from a credit report

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2020 | Consumer Protection

A study that was performed by the Federal Trade Commission indicates that a quarter of consumers have identified errors on their credit report that could negatively affect their credit. In many cases, these errors can be fixed. Pennsylvania residents may be interested in learning the steps they need to take to fix credit report errors.

There are three categories of credit report errors. They include fraudulent accounts, identity errors and inaccurate account details. Some errors are benign, while others can be damaging and lead to a denial of credit or a person having their identity stolen.

As soon as a person notices that an error exists on their credit report, they should report it to a credit reporting bureau. They can start by writing a letter and sending it through certified mail. The letter should state the error and include a request to have the error removed from the credit report. As soon as the credit bureau receives the letter, they have 30 days to investigate.

Another option is to contact the creditor directly. When a person is the victim of identity theft or they are dealing with a situation where the creditor is reporting incorrect information to a credit bureau, the individual needs to document contact they have with the creditor. A person should not expect to get immediate results when contacting a creditor directly. However, it will put them on the right track when it comes to having inaccurate information removed and dealing with the aftermath of a stolen identity.

Sometimes people are left feeling unsatisfied with the results of a dispute. In this situation, a person may want to speak with an attorney. The attorney might be able to answer questions about consumer protection and misrepresentation and how to have inaccurate information removed from a credit report. They may be able to provide assistance by filing complaints with the Attorney General’s office and other organizations.

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