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On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2015 | Consumer Protection

Discovering that you have been the victim of identity theft can be a crushing thing. Such a discovery can leave a person feeling violated and extremely worried about what ramifications the theft will have for them.

There are all sorts of hassles and difficulties identity theft can create for a person in the short term. Identity theft can also potentially have some major long-term effects. For example, if proper measures aren’t taken following a discovery of identity theft, it could result in long-term credit report problems. 

Identity theft can result in numerous inaccuracies being on a person’s credit report. Such inaccuracies could severely hurt a person’s credit report and credit score. Having a poor credit report and credit score can put a person at a severe disadvantage when they are doing things such as applying for a loan or applying for a new job. Thus, if credit report inaccuracies resulting from identity theft aren’t properly addressed in a prompt matter, they could end up impacting a person’s life in some major ways.

There are actions identity theft victims can take to address credit report inaccuracies resulting from identity theft. However, there are challenges that can arise when pursuing such actions. One such challenge is credit reporting agencies and their subsidiaries being sluggish and relatively unresponsive towards identity theft victim efforts to get inaccuracies removed from their credit report. Having a skilled consumer protection attorney advocating on your behalf can be of help when such challenges arise.

Our consumer protection law firm has considerable knowledge of the options available for addressing credit report inaccuracies, what requirements the Fair Credit Reporting Act puts on credit reporting agencies and their subsidiaries when it comes to the information on credit reports and what things can be important when dealing with credit reporting agencies and their subsidiaries in relation to credit report correction efforts. We can help identity theft victims with dealing with credit report issues they are facing as a result of the identity theft committed against them. To learn more about the credit-report-related legal services we can provide to identity theft victims and other consumers, see our page on credit reporting

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