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10 cars that saw the most recalls from 2013 to 2017

Recalls are issued when cars that have already been produced and sold are found to have serious defects. In some cases, these just impact performance, but many recalls also involve safety. Either way, it means that the car is not up to the standard of quality that the consumer assumed it would be when they bought it.

Are robocalls legal in the United States?

If you feel that you've been a victim of a scam by a business or individual, then you may want to get to know the United States' Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Bureau of Consumer Protection (BCP). The BCP there to conduct investigations and stop unfair, fraudulent or deceptive business practices.

How do you spot a flooded car?

Water damage is one of the worst things that can happen to your vehicle. Once a car has been in a flood, the odds are good that it will never be "as good as new" again. However, that won't stop used car dealers from snapping them up for pennies on the dollar and transporting them well away from the flooded areas and reselling them (at a much higher price) to unsuspecting consumers.

Ford to buy back thousands of defective Fiesta, Focus vehicles

Pennsylvania owners of Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus cars could receive thousands of dollars in compensation for faulty transmissions in the vehicles. On March 5, a federal judge approved a class-action settlement that orders Ford Motor Co. to repurchase some of the affected vehicles for up to $22,000.

Dealing with threats of auto repossession

People in Philadelphia may be very concerned about what they can do if their car is being repossessed. No one wants to go through an auto repossession, but people who are facing this situation may benefit from understanding certain key steps that they can take to protect themselves. When people buy a car, they typically take out an auto loan. Throughout the course of that loan, the lender remains the titled owner of the vehicle until it is paid off, giving the lender the right to repossess the car if the contract terms are violated. In most cases, people may be threatened with repossession after they stop making payments on the car.

What to know about rebuilt cars

When buying a used car in Pennsylvania, it can be a good idea to look at the car's title. A clean title indicates that the vehicle has not experienced any major damage. It also means that the car has not had its odometer rolled back or otherwise tampered with. Cars that have major defects will be given salvage titles, which indicates that they are not necessarily safe to drive.

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