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Why car dealers sell vehicles they know are damaged

Many car dealerships claim to prioritize customer satisfaction, but what really motivates those sales? Unfortunately, many hard-working people are purchasing vehicles that are not in their best interest. This is a constant problem that leaves buyers seeking legal restitution for a downward investment based on misleading claims. So, why does this continue to happen?

How to spot odometer rollback

You have your eye on a low-mileage used car that looks like a great deal. But is it really what they claim it is? The odometer reading has a lot to do with the value of a car, and it says a lot about the life it has had so far. It’s important to check out the story it is telling you.

5 Car sales psychology tricks to watch out for

For many people the prospect of buying a new car is intimidating. Unlike most purchases where you can simply stand in line with your item and then hand over your credit card for payment, purchasing a car involves much more human interaction. That can be a major drawback to potential buyers, especially when sales tactics are used to pressure customers into making a purchase.

What are some common types of auto dealer fraud?

Have you ever gone to a car dealership and felt that something was just a little bit… off? Perhaps it was something that you couldn’t quite put your finger on—the salesperson seemed dishonest, was overly aggressive or even overly friendly. Whatever it was, your instinct may have been right: Some auto dealers have been known to commit fraud.

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