That tip to talk to the "fleet manager" may not be a good one

Are you looking for the right vehicle at the right price? Of course you are. Everyone wants a good deal when buying a car. It seems as though the auto industry is one of the last places where bargaining still happens, and let's be honest, it can be fun.

However, auto dealerships are aware of this fact and will exploit your need for a deal any way they can. Perhaps you have heard that dealing with a "fleet manager" will get you a better price because he or she doesn't work on commission, so they don't care about trying to up the price. Sadly, this is often just another scam.

The fleet manager may not even exist

When you contact an auto dealership to try to take advantage of the prices a fleet manager can supposedly get you, the person on the other end of the line is probably just another salesperson. You see, not many dealerships have a fleet manager, but if you call to talk to one, someone will get on the phone with you. When you go in, you expect to get a good deal on a vehicle, but more than likely, you are paying full price for that vehicle.

You can avoid the fleet manager scam

Obviously, the best way to avoid this particular scam is not to even bother with asking about the fleet manager. Instead, do your research online before heading out to negotiate a car price. With all of the information on the internet, you could probably find the manufacturer's price of the vehicle and compare it to the price at which the auto dealership wants to sell it. This lets you know how much wiggle room you have for negotiations.

Unfortunately, you will most likely still have to go through this part of the car buying process. However, with the appropriate knowledge, you can still get a good deal.

What happens if it was a scam?

An auto purchase is one of the largest you will probably make, and you deserve to get what someone promised you and what you thought you paid for. If you suspect that the auto dealership did perpetrate the fleet manager or some other scam on you that caused you financial harm, you may have legal recourse, but would you know where to begin?

If you find yourself facing these types of circumstances, it would be wise to consult with an attorney with experience dealing with auto dealership fraud to determine your rights, options and the best way forward.

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