Suing used car dealerships

People in Pennsylvania who purchased a used vehicle may have legal recourse if the vehicle is not in the condition the dealership said it was. However, there are certain factors that can affect what steps the buyers can take to remedy the situation, whom they can sue and whether pursuing legal action is the wisest option.

The laws regarding dealer obligations and warranties vary from state to state. Whether the seller was an individual or dealership is also a factor. These kinds of details are important when it comes to meaningfully assessing claims and can make a significant impact in a legal case.

Individuals may be able to sue if they purchased a vehicle that does not work and spent money on repairs even though the vehicle was thought to be under warranty. They may be able to recover the money they spent trying the fix the vehicle and other financial damages. The claims that the buyers can file will depend on state law and the terms of the agreement they signed.

Buyers may also sue if there was a failure to disclose the condition of the vehicle. The laws of the state in which the vehicle was purchased, the contract that was signed and the nature of the dealer will all impact whether a lawsuit can be filed. If a seller purposely deceived a buyer in order to create a sale, the buyer may have sufficient cause for a legal claim.

An attorney who practices consumer protection law may examine the factors of a case of a client who purchased a non-operating used vehicle and advise whether pursuing legal action is feasible. If there is a basis for a lawsuit, the attorney may pursue financial damages against the negligent parties for fraud, failing to disclose existing damage and failing to honor warranties.

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