Consumers struggle with defective vehicles

When people go to a dealership in Pennsylvania or around the country to buy a new car, they expect to walk away with a reliable vehicle in excellent condition, fresh off the production line. However, too many buyers find themselves facing serious defects that are difficult or impossible to repair. In short, they find that they have purchased a lemon. Despite their rights under the law, many car buyers find that dealers and manufacturers are reluctant to buy back their vehicles or reach a fair settlement under the provisions of the applicable lemon law.

One Florida woman purchased a 2018 Hyundai Sonata SE brand new from the lot, but found herself relying on rental cars for five months. She said that the car spent more time in the shop than it did with its owners. The vehicle experienced a range of problems, from the radio failing to function to ongoing and serious engine issues. At one point, she said, the car began "shaking like a hurricane" and failed to accelerate, forcing her to pull off of a major highway to find safety.

While the manufacturer confirmed that the car needed a software update, the owner said that the engine itself was defective. When Hyundai eventually recognized that it had sold the woman a lemon, it offered a lemon law buyback amount that was less than she had already spent on the new car. After publicizing the issue, the woman was able to sell back her car to the manufacturer for a $6,000 settlement.

Customers who find themselves with a new car that is in and out of the shop for manufacturing defects and similar issues may feel that they have a lemon on their hands. A lemon law attorney can provide advice and representation to help people uphold their rights under the applicable state or federal statute.

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