Suing used vehicle dealers

Pennsylvania residents may have legal recourse if they have purchased a used vehicle with defects that were not previously disclosed. What steps they should take, whom they should pursue for compensation and whether to seek legal action will depend on certain factors.

The state in which the defective vehicle is purchased is important as the laws regarding dealer obligations and warranties tend to differ from state to state. Whether the purchase is being made from an individual or from a dealership is also an important element to consider. As with all legal matters, the specifics of a case are very important, and no claim can be properly evaluated without having all of the details available.

Individuals who purchase a vehicle that does not operate and who spent a significant amount of money on repairs even though the vehicle was under warranty may file a lawsuit to obtain compensation for the expenses they incurred. They may also be able to claim even more compensation. However, the terms of the purchase contract are important as individuals may not be able to recoup the money they spent on repairs if the contract stipulated that the vehicle was being purchased in whatever its condition was at the time of the sale.

Sellers of defective vehicles may also be held liable for failing to disclose vehicle defects about which they knew or for intentionally misleading the buyer in order to make the sale. The ability to sue for these reasons also depends on the type of contract that was signed and the nature of the dealer.

An attorney who practices consumer protection law may be able to use Lemon Laws to obtain financial compensation for clients who were sold defective vehicles. The attorney might also pursue the vehicle dealer for misrepresenting the condition of a vehicle and hiding damage.

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