Know your rights in case of auto repossession

People in Philadelphia may see auto repossession as one of their worst nightmares, leaving them without the car that is so critical to work, education or family life. Some people dealing with the threat of repossession may feel as if they have no rights at all to hold on to their vehicles. However, you do have rights, and legal support can help you to protect your rights in these cases, before your car is taken away.

If a repossessor comes to take your car away, you can tell him or her to leave. When the repossessor refuses to leave, he or she is violating the law. In addition, auto repossessors are prohibited by consumer protection laws from entering enclosed buildings or properties without consent, damaging your property or vehicle, using force or threats to obtain the car, refusing to leave when requested, physically touching you, talking with neighbors about the repossession or lying about having a court order. They are also barred from calling the police or threatening to call about a repossession issue.

Being aware of your rights can help you before or after a repossession takes place. It could be possible to make a case against a repossessor that violates these rules or even against the bank that hired the person responsible. In addition, if your car is repossessed, you could still be hit with additional fines and fees. Sometimes, people make informal agreements with creditors and turn over their cars voluntarily; however, these agreements are frequently violated and denied after the fact.

Legal assistance can be particularly important when dealing with auto repossession. If you are cheated in a repossession case, you may be able to avoid making further payments or have other options available to you. People who are concerned about the potential of auto repossession can visit our page to learn more about the issue and your rights.

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