Consumer-targeting scams: no dearth of ideas, fleecing attempts

Caveat emptor.

Perhaps some legislator on Capitol Hill should offer those words up as an official slogan adopted in the United States, given the sheer proliferation of fraudulent schemes aimed at consumers across the country.

Buyer beware, indeed.

A snapshot look at high-profile ruses operative across the nation reveals a kaleidoscope of Internet hacks, stolen passwords and so-called phishing attempts aimed at stealing Social Security numbers, bank information, credit card numbers and other confidential personal data. It encompasses bogus debt collectors that threaten and otherwise cajole consumers to make payments that are not owed. It highlights bad-faith auto dealerships, mortgage-loan scam artists and predatory lenders of all stripes.

In short, a review of fraudulent activity in America underscores quite clearly the need for consumers in Pennsylvania and everywhere else across the country to watch their personal information like a hawk.

And, when necessary, to reach out for the experienced assistance offered by a proven consumer protection attorney in helping to identify scamming enterprises and take strong legal action against them.

A recent article on consumer complaints targeting fraudulent activity reveals many things, including, centrally, the sheer creativity and ingenuity of scam artists trying to fleece innocent people. That article discusses the top scams that are being practiced upon consumers across the country, as denoted by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

Unsurprisingly, identity theft is a top-tier concern. So, too, is the handiwork of bogus debt collectors and the practiced attempts of unscrupulous auto dealers to extract cash from would-be buyers' wallets.

Clearly, a new age is upon us, marked by a strong need for the consuming public to exercise unwavering vigilance against con artists.

Although that might strike many people as more than just a tad sad, it is a reality.

And knowing it can be empowering to an alert consumer, who will take due care to safeguard personal information and verify incoming pitches and promises.

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