When life gives you lemons ... well, you get the point

Readers of our blog in Pennsylvania and elsewhere have likely heard the adage, “If you’re stuck with a lemon, make lemonade.”

The meaning of that expression is not hard to decipher and can be alternatively expressed quite readily in many different ways.

Here’s one option: Make the best of a bad situation.

Here’s another: Take purposeful action to alleviate a current problem.

Let’s talk cars, which are a high-ticket consumer item centrally associated with so-called “lemon laws” that command statutory force in states across the country, including Pennsylvania. The above adage most certainly applies to consumers who purchased new vehicles that turned out to have one or more material defects.

As noted by an online supplier of transportation-related information in Pennsylvania, the state’s lemon law provides that remedies are available to consumers who bought defective vehicles if those defects reach a threshold level of materiality.

A car buyer whose radio knob comes off is not going to obtain relief under the Pennsylvania lemon law. Conversely, and if certain other conditions relating to mile limitations, length of ownership and warranty considerations are satisfied, an owner whose car has a defect that renders it unsafe, reduces its value or otherwise impacts normal functions may well have a lemon-law claim.

As noted by the above-cited information source on Pennsylvania’s lemon law, any consumer in the state who has questions concerning vehicle defects and the right to take legal action “should contact an attorney.”

That makes sense. A proven consumer law lawyer with experience helping consumers proceed with lemon law and other legal claims against dealers or manufacturers can respond to concerns and take legal action aimed at promoting a client’s best interests.

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